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Chipmunk On A Branch

Chipmunk On A Branch

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"Chipmunk on a Branch" is a whimsical painting that captures a delightful moment in the natural world. Painted on a 10-inch wooden log round, the artwork seamlessly blends rustic charm with delicate brushwork, creating a visually striking piece that will captivate viewers.

At the center of the composition, a brown chipmunk stands gracefully on a tree branch, its black and white stripes adorning its back in a mesmerizing pattern. The artist has skillfully rendered the chipmunk's expressive eyes and tiny paws, lending the creature an endearing quality that draws the viewer in. The chipmunk's bushy tail, lovingly depicted with careful attention to detail, curls around the branch, imbuing the scene with a sense of balance and harmony.

Medium: Oil on wood

Dimensions: 10" Diameter

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