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Neon Lagoon

Neon Lagoon

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  • 43” x 31” (including frame)
  • oil paint on gallery canvas
  • hand-built ceramic, durable enamel frame
  • wired, varnished, painted to outlive the artist

Measuring at a rather large 43 x 31, Neon Lagoon captures Burris’ ability to manipulate light, color and distance. Excessive lens-flares and reflective light dominate the canvas against a dark background in his trademark style. The other-worldly features of the background give the impression of new possibilities, while the foreground gives comfort in the familiarity of whimsical beach flowers and a bright yellow warbler. The bird’s warmth compliments the cool pthalo green tone of the ocean and shoreline. Both the hand-built ceramic frame and the image itself will make a memorable conversation piece in any space.

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